Answers to common questions

You’re not the first one that’s lucky enough to see the mangroves from a paddle board. Luckily the ones before you had questions that will help you prepare for this awesome experience. So we gathered the most common questions about the stand up paddle tour.

What is the cost for transport outside the east coast?

The cost of transport depends on the area of your stay.

  • Stonetown =  +/- 50 dollars
  • Nungwi area =  +/- 60 dollars

Contact us for exact prices.

Is stand up paddling hard/difficult?

No, stand up paddling is considered an easy watersport. Even when standing upon the board is too hard you can simply go on your knees and enjoy your surroundings. 

What to wear with stand up paddling?

Wear swim clothing because you will get wet, we also recommend you to wear a lycra if you have one and put on lots of sunscreen. It’s not necessary to wear water shoes but you can use them if you like.

Can I leave my stuff somewhere?

Yes, if we arrange the taxi you can leave your towel or other small stuff in there. We do recommend you not to bring any excessive belongings with you to the tour.

What’s included in the price?

The price will include the board, paddle, a guide with information, fruits + water and the transfer from the south-east coast.

Can young kids go with us on the tour?

Yes, young kids can come along, however this will be at your own risk. If they are not able to have their own board they can sit on the board of the guide or with their parents/caretakers.

Do I need to be able to swim for stand up paddling?

Yes, there are some parts where you can’t stand. So we expect people to be able to swim. We do have some life jackets available if needed. Please contact us if you feel like you need one.

Is the stand up paddle tour dangerous?

No, the tour is not dangerous. However you will still be in a nature reserve with water, wind and trees. So listen carefully to the guides and tell them if you are scared or have any medical issues so they can act on it.

See you soon!

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